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 Huli Wigmen | Papua New Guinea

It is believed that the first Papua New Guineans migrated to the island over 45000 years ago. Today, over 3 million people, half of the heterogeneous population, live in the highlands. Some of these communities have engaged in low-scale tribal conflict with their neighbours for millennia. The tribes fight over land, pigs and women. Great effort is made to impress the enemy. The largest tribe, the Huli wigmen, paint their faces yellow, red and white and are famous for their tradition of making ornamented wigs from their own hair. An axe with a claw completes the intimidating effect.

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Exploding tennis ball installation by Ana Soler

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Écrins National Park, France    44°41’34.1”N 6°22’01.0”E

Animated photography: Strasbourg
by Julien Douvier

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